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Burudani Adventure Park is an outdoor recreation center enclosed in a refreshing natural environment. A "one stop fun spot" packed with adrenaline rushing activities you will absolutely like!


Welcome To Burudani Adventure Park

A "one stop fun spot" packed with adrenaline rushing activities

Burudani Adventure Park is an outdoor recreation center enclosed in a refreshing natural environment. A "one stop fun spot" packed with adrenaline rushing activities you will absolutely like!
We organize customized and innovative activities for corporate and private clients based on elements of fun and cooperation.
We design and develop programs both outdoor and indoor to suit client’s needs. With a large majority opting for outdoor programs. We develop programs to integrate physical and mental challenges in outdoor settings.
Whether you require a full day, half day program excursion, or simply just a couple of hours of fun, we offer a wide range of plans and activities to meet your needs.
To become the ultimate "one stop fun spot" for outdoor fun lovers who are constantly looking for educational activities and an adrenaline pumping experience
We are committed to be the leading and most innovative adventure park providing comprehensive capacity for recreations that promote fitness & wellness.
Our team
At Burudani adventure park the key to our success is the team. Our trainers are from NITA certified consulting firms who have amassed experience in the training industry
Our events include:

Our Services

We Provide Best Adventure

We provide facilities for our customers to "play hard, get dirty & have fun!"


Focuses on behavior and their effect on workplace functioning 
Helps people learn how to work with each other and get along well.
Builds skills like communication, planning, problem-solving and conflict resolution
Builds empathy and compassion
It’s practiced over time
Encourages deeper discussion and processing

Team bonding 

Focuses on fun activities
Bring people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork
Help people see other in different light
Allow people to connect in a different setting 
Usually, a onetime activity
Helps people get out of their workplace and relax
Encourage people to have fun together

Family Teambuilding 

Children experience new and challenging activities, and their skills unfold
Builds confidence
Parents knows about their children
Children learn more about their parents 
Parents get to know the strength and weakness of the children

School Teambuilding 

Get students out from behind the desk and into adventure!
Encourages students to use their minds and bodies 
Students will develop strength, balance and coordination
Students will gain memory problem solving skill
Improve their motor skills
Build self-esteem and confidence
Gain a positive mindset leading to leadership skills
Improved health and well being

Fun building

Feel good factor
Fun activities 
Ease stress
Unplug from the daily grind
Improve fucus and better sleep
Great exercise for better health and body

Why Choose Us

Play hard, get dirty & have fun!

Burudani Adventure Park is the ideal setting for your teambuilding event, with luscious greenery, acres and acres of space. Whether you are part of a family, Chama, group, organization, school, college or business, working as a team is a pivotal part of any group dynamic and has been proven to increase productivity and enhance a stronger work ethic. We offer a variety of outdoor activities designed specifically to encourage teamwork and to inject a little friendly competition into the mix. From High rope courses, obstacle course, crate tower building, our activities can improve relationships within your team to build a stronger unit. Our sky cycling might help you to conquer your fears or maybe a Ziplining might release your anxiety, either way you will leave our park a happier and stronger person.
We guarantee it. Burudani Adventure Park can support you every step of the way to create the right team building event for your business or organization. From budget setting to arranging specific activities, we will design an event that will play to your oganization’s strengths as well as addressing any weaknesses. 
Our testimonials speak for themselves, with many suggesting that the team building activities at Burudani Adventure Park have improved their relationships in the workplace and have helped them to improve on areas they have struggled with in the past.
All you need to do to gain the most from our teambuilding events is to let go of your inhibitions and release your inner child. Get ready to have fun and get dirty, in a world away from the confines of the office or classroom. Be prepared to view your workmates and colleagues in a different light and gain a new respect for your team. Whether you are super competitive or game for a laugh, a team building event at Burudani Adventure Park has it all.
Located just 1h drive from CBD Nairobi, it provides a refreshing getaway from the skyscrapers and bustling city life.
If you love the breeze of fresh air in the morning, waking up at the sight of lush green scenery, Burudani Adventure Park is the right recreation spot you are about to discover!
We provide facilities for our customers to "play hard, get dirty & have fun!"

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